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It happens... is a solo trapeze act based on movement
research and theatre.

It happens is a creation with an own life that happens to happen, a tiny peep into the life of Júlia, the performer. It happens... is a dialogue between success and failure, beauty and shame, serenity and frustration.

Through the vocabulary of movement and comedy, this act highlights the powerful fragility of the times where everything is in harmony.

It happens... is a physical metaphor for the perfectly imperfect human condition: If everything seems to
be going well, you have probably overlooked something, nothing is perfect, nobody is perfect, it happens...


Idea and direction: Júlia Campistany

Music: Zé Malandro

Outside Eye: Cia. Hotel Iocandi

Distribution: Buro Piket

Supported by: Circunstruction, Generalitat de Catalunya, Cirkus Kolektiv, Circusstad, Acción Cultural Española, Buro Piket


Rita & Rita like making tea. Rita & Rita like drinking tea. Rita & Rita like doing things together, almost as one, maybe just as one. Rita & Rita want to invite you to join their tea party.
Rita & Rita together found and discovered an own way of making things, an own logic and own rules. Rita & Rita work hand in hand to reach their goals, discovering how four legs and four arms can organize a functioning chaos.
Combining balancing disciplines and trapeze, Rita & Rita will serve you their tangled thoughts in floating tea cups. Be ready to get surprised how tea can be served, drunk, spilt...​


Première: 2nd June. Acambalachous festival. Altorricón (Spain)

                4th August. Eima Festival. Maria de la Salut (Mallorca)


I have belonged to this project since I moved to Rotterdam and my involvement grew along the years. This is a collective and voluntary project with the aim of offering a platform where local artists can meet artists from other countries. It's the place where to try out new ideas and get feedback from a very close and warm audience.

The project happens in the attic of my living space, the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam.  

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