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RITA by Rita & Rita


RITA : 50 minutes, indoor, tout public, trapeze & mouth balance


A story of one is the story of two. Poetic, sometimes absurd, but never losing her shameless humor, Rita reveals the tragic comedy behind her and your inner conflicts. Loneliness fead her thoughts, now she has to live up to them.


“I keep setting the table for two people. I don't get why the cup is never where I left it.”



Concept: Rita&Rita

Performers: Rita&Rita

Outside Eye: Michael Zandl

Music: Pending

Distribution: Pending

Co-Producer: Circusstad Festival

Supported by: Circunstruction (NL), Zirkus On (DE)


Rita&Rita is a young duo female company with roots in Berlin and Catalonia. Annika Hemmerling and Júlia Campistany use a traditional Chinese mouthbalancing technique and a spinning dance trapeze to take their audience with them in the head of Rita.

The project is being supported by the circus platform Circunstruction in Rotterdam and and through Zirkus On, a program from the Initiative Neuer Zirkus, in Germany.

Annika Hemmerling


Annika Hemmerling

Júlia Campistany


Júlia Campistany
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