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An indoor circus and theater 'solo' piece, a noncontemplative show.

What if we kept all the hair that we left behind in one box, one very big box, or in a room?

PELUDA is a story about hair, a story with hair and a story through hair. It's her turn. She will arrive first and you will soon get invited. She is

just one on stage but it is the story of many, a story about discomfort, about doubt, about frustration, fragility andempowerment.

Through the vocabulary of circus (trapeze, mouth balance, knife throwing) and humor, PELUDA visits the different relationships that one can have with our own hair, turning the spotlight on the absurdity of aesthetic judgement. It is just stupid hair, she knows, but all the stories behind revealed something else.

Bring your scissors, sit down and let your hair down.

'All these norms are a pity, many millions Gilette,too much Sex & the city, my bush is no regret.' (...)


Idea and direction: La Campistany

Stage assistance: Maya Peckstadt

Outside eye: Tomeu Amer, Laura Alcalà

Music composition: Yiorgos Bereris

Device design: Benet Jofre

Light research: Ivan Vukasovic

Light design: Edwin van Steenbergen

Costume design: Lisa Chudalla

Production: La Campistany

Difussion: La Campistany, Buro Piket

Special thanks to: Gràcia Moragues, Michael Zandl, Luuk Brantjes, Paula Alvala, Clara Cortés and Claudia Karapanou for playing with me during my research period. Wendy Moonen and Sandra Smidt for all the advice. Yiorgos Bereris for the patience. Griselda Juncà and Simó for joining. Silvia for feeding the project with hair.

Tomeu Amer and Laura Alcalà for being the golden team.

With the support of: Gemeente Rotterdam, Perplx, Theater op de Markt, Cirklabo, La Central del Circ, L'Estruch Fàbrica de Creació, Festival Circolo, Latitude 50, CircusNext.

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